Important: Kindly note that Wengen can only be reached by train from Lauterbrunnen. There is no road to Wengen. The train journey from Lauterbrunnen takes only 15 to 20 minutes

We pick you up at Wengen station. Please call us before your arrival from one of the free phone systems at Lauterbrunnen or Wengen station.

Wengen is easy to get to from the cities and the airports. There is just one big difference to other destinations: Wengen is only accessible by train. But the train journey of 15 – 20 minutes from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen is already a unique experience itself: You will pass big waterfalls, steep cliffs and you will get stunning views from the valley and the mountains. Wengen has therefore no road to get to.

Arrival by train

International trains are running till Interlaken Ost. (Attention, please get off at Intelaken OST and not WEST).
In Interlaken OST you change on the BOB train to Lauterbrunnen (Attention in a lot of the BOB trains only the front part is going to Lauterbrunnen and the back part is going to Grindelwald – make sure you are in the right part of the train)

In Lauterbrunnen you change on the WAB train to Wengen.
You find all the important time tables on the website of the swiss national trainsystem.

Airport Distance duration
Zurich 200 km 3:08 hours
Geneva 240 km 3:45 hours
Basel 180 km 3:14 hours
Bern 80 km 2:18 hours


Arrival by car

Interlaken is linked to the swiss freeway network. Make sure you drive till Wilderswil and then take the road to Lauterbrunnen. Then you can park your car in Lauterbrunnen before you take the train to Wengen. There are the following options to park:

Kinldy note that the hotel can not provide parking spaces.


  • Indoor Parking Lauterbrunnen: The parking space can be booked in advance as following:
    from 3 days in summer and
    from 5 days in winter.
    Here you can book your parking space on the website of the Indoor Parking of Lauterbrunnen (Unfortunately, the guests have to book it by themselves):  Please click here to get on the website of the parking


  • If there is no space left in the car parking at Lauterbrunnen train station we suggest you the following alternative: One person stays at the train station in Lauterbrunnen with the luggage and the other one can drive into the village of Lauterbrunnen and there is an outside parking area situated next to the church of Lauterbrunnen. Then it takes 7 mins to come back by foot to the train station where you can meet the person again with the luggage and take the train to Wengen.

You have the following airports at your disposal

    • Zurich (3h by train, 2.5h by car)
    • Bern (2.18 h by Zug, 1.5 h by car)
    • Basel (3.15 h by train, 2h by car)
      • Basel and Bern have the advantage, that those are small airports and there are direct connections to Interlaken OST from Basel City and Bern City.
    • Geneva : (3.45 h by train, 3h by car)


    • We would be pleased to organize for you a Taxi transfer in cooperation from one of taxi companies (prices can vary).
      • The following prices are for 3 passengers and include only one way (round trip doubles the price):
        • From Zurich approx. CHF 570.00 for 3 persons per way
        • From Basel approx. CHF 500.00 for 3 persons per way
        • From Geneva approx. CHF 570.00 for 3 persons per way
        • From Bern approx. CHF 230.00 for 3 persons per way